*Currently not accepting new LPC Interns*

Are you ready to start your journey as an LPC-Intern? I hope to provide you with a safe and supportive place to process your cases, receive clinical feedback, and build your professional identity as you accrue hours and navigate the road toward licensure.

At the beginning of our work together, we will discuss cases in more detail and build a strong trusting foundation. As we progress, I hope to understand where you shine and where we can focus to strengthen your counseling approach and skills. We will discuss interpersonal process, managing crises, navigating ethical dilemmas, moving through complex cases and your own self care.

Throughout our time together we will pay special attention to processing your countertransference to cases and recognizing the importance of your evolving internal experience as a counselor. I view this process focus as the most helpful part of supervision and want to provide this awareness and opportunity to you as well. As you develop, your own goals for your time in supervision will emerge and be integrated into how we prioritize our time together.

I am looking for supervisees who are insightful, professional, creative and dedicated to personal growth. I supervise LPC Interns who are working at sites that do not provide an in-house supervisor, like Capital Area Counseling. When appropriate, there may be an opportunity to see clients in my private practice where I can support you as you learn about private practice marketing, administration and networking. You will be responsible for marketing yourself within my practice and the number of clients seen will be determined by your efforts. This process takes time and will probably never be more than a handful of clients per week.

Please contact me if you think we may be a good fit. I will need to understand where you will be earning your hours, learn about your needs for supervision, and see your resume. From there, we may arrange an interview to further explore a supervisory relationship.  I look forward to meeting you!

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