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I strive to provide a respectful and caring space where your deepest fears and greatest dreams can be explored. Talking about your concerns through counseling can provide great relief, and professional feedback can stimulate new awareness, healing, and growth.

My counseling approach is a flexible and intentional integration of many therapy styles, using the STAIR Method. This method weaves the brilliance of many different therapy approaches together using neuroscience as a foundation to best promote self trust, brain integration and overall resilience.

Read more about the therapy concepts and models integrated into my practice:
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Experiential Therapy
Attachment Theory
Somatic Therapy
Sand Tray/Collage
Self Compassion
Memory Reconsolidation
Parts Work (similar to Internal Family Systems)

I am certified in EMDR and use this tool for processing trauma frequently with clients.

I wonder if it is possible for us to begin to let go of our expectations about the shape in which healing may arrive…”

Bonnie Badenoch

Areas of Special Focus

• Worthless/not good enough feelings
• Painful childhoods
• Relationship struggles
• Sexual abuse survivors
• Trauma
• Complex PTSD
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Life Changes (moving, changing jobs, divorce, becoming a parent, etc)
• Creative Individuals
• Therapists and other Helping Professionals
• Highly Sensitive People
• Grief and Loss
• Personal Growth

all are welcome here

I am only seeing individual adult clients at this time.

Check out this list of crisis hotlines, therapy groups, podcasts, and local resources